Carrera Quinta Big Band, Vol.2

Carrera Quinta Big Band, Vol.2

Carrera Quinta, ©LatinGrammy nominated band,  created by Colombian composers Francy Montalvo and Javier Pérez Sandoval,  presents its fourth album entitled “Big Band, Vol 2

In this recording, the band encompasses an unique new perspective that interweaves and explores a colorful palette of tones and new possibilities of sonorities, connecting musical traditions, the sounds of contemporary American Jazz and rhythms from  the Andean region of Colombia meeting together

Album Credits

Produced by Francy Montalvo, Javier Pérez Sandoval, Ricardo Jaramillo

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Mauricio Cano

Recorded at Estudios Audiovisión, Bogotá Colombia

Mixed at El Patio e´ Ropas Estudio, Bogotá Colombia

Mastered at Studio Unicorn Connecticut

All Arrangements by Javier Pérez Sandoval

Piano and composition: Francy Montalvo

Electric guitar and composition: Javier Pérez Sandoval

Conducted by Ricardo Jaramillo

Saxophones: Julio Flores, Gianni Bardaro, Julio Panadero, William Rojas, Adalber Gaviria

Trumpets: Carlos Acosta, Fernando Peña, Pavel Susaeta, Orlando Barreda

Trombons: Cristian Hernández, Diego Gómez, Luis Monroy, Mauricio Patiño

Flute: Dario Montoya

Electric bass: Daniel Montoya, Batería: Pedro Acosta

Cover Art: Diana Obregón